Garden Rocks

Our garden rocks are just a little more special than an ordinary garden rock. The garden rocks that we provide are deeply sandcarved with a design or phrase of your choice, then colored with paint that is specially formulated for rocks and the outdoors.

We have many graphics designs for you to choose from when selecting your garden rock. However, if you have a particular design in mind, for a small fee, we can work with you to convert it into a graphic that can be sandcarved into your garden rock.

If you have a favorite quote, an inspirational phrase, or a funny saying that you would like on a garden stone, we have a number of fonts for you to select from.

Our garden rocks can also be used as plant identifiers. Use them to identify your herbs or other plants.

Other uses: Welcome, anniversary, birthday, address, religious and as many others as you can imagine.

We can even combine designs and phrases on your garden rock.