It’s Official

Well, I have officially started sandcarving and Odyssey Etching & Engraving is up and running. It’s been about a year since I learned about sandcarving and started researching and collecting the necessary equipment to get going. I sandcarved my first Pet Memorial today. It was for a pet that I have pet sat for and belonged to a veterinarian that I worked with. It turned out very well and I think that she and her family will really like it. We will all miss Paige.

I have plans for a couple of more Pet Memorials for co-workers. One that I will be making is a dual memorial for two of her pets that she had for a long time. She says that they were inseparable during the time they lived with her. I look forward to producing something that she will cherish for a lifetime.

Right now I am using an X-Acto™ knife to hand cut the designs for the Pet Memorials. It is a little time consuming, but I am liking the results. However, I think I will start looking for a vinyl cutter that I can use to produce more consistent results.