Adding Glass to My Repertoire

Things are picking up and orders are starting to come in more often! Plus, I have started sandcarving on glass, which is really fun. I started with some 16 oz. drinking glasses that turned out very well. I really like the way that the sandcarving shows up on them. I also sandcarved a gallon jar for Cindi. She wanted her sun tea jar personalized. You can see it in the Gallery.

I am getting ready for a big event in October. In fact, I have received a request to sandcarve some award bases for one of the local charities that is having their annual ball. These award bases will be on polished marble with copper artwork from another local artisan mounted on them. I am really looking forward to sandcarving them. I will post photos of them in the Gallery when they are finished.

I have come up with a new product. Ashless incense burners made from recycled wine bottles. I have to admit that the ashless wine bottle incense burner isn’t an original idea, but I believe that sandcarving on them will make them unique. Cindi and I tried a couple of them out and they work very well. No ashes to clean up since they all fall into the wine bottle. We just dumped the ashes in to the garbage after we were finished (making sure there were no embers). Looking forward to customizing these for people.