Hello, my name is Randy and I am the owner of Odyssey Etching & Engraving. I started Odyssey Etching with the idea of providing pet memorials to people who have lost their beloved pets. Having worked in the veterinary industry as an emergency veterinary technician, I have seen first-hand the difficulties of finding an appropriate means of honoring a deceased pet. Odyssey Etching & Engraving is dedicated in helping you find that means of honoring your pet.

Since I have started Odyssey Etching & Engraving, I have expanded the product scope to include working with glass and metal. I can etch almost any design on almost any type of drinking container. I have even etched drinking horns.

On a personal note: I have been happily married to my wonderful wife, Cinthia, since 2008. We currently have four dogs. Two Chihuahuas, Buffy and Shadow; a Shih Tzu, Mop; and a Boxer, Ditch.

Thank you for visiting OdysseyEtching.com. Please contact me with any requests, comments or questions. I look forward to hearing from you.